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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


It's already 7/23/2013.....and to date I keep releasing one short storyafter another. I'm grateful for the readers who purchased them, I hope they enjoyed them. Yet somehow there's more. Did you ever have a feeling you still haven't written the story that will belong to you and no on esle.

I have a dream. Alway have. So many factors have come into play, including love. So Iwrite. Yes and I have started thatstory that I hope will make all the difference. Who do I think I am? No I don't expect to write the great American novel, just one that will make a dfference. I am going to take you along with me on a very personal journey.

I will have a vey importnat reveal after Dec 31, 2013. Yes it will have to do with writing that all important story. Yes I am a drama queen, smiles what writer isn't?

So I let my mind run amok.   Will this be a paranormal story?  Yes it will be. Will it deal with a very controvesal subjet? Yes it will. Will I be revealing a stunning realization, yes Iwill be.

Will I be thanking people.  Yes and especially the ones who've changed my life.

Will my dreams come true? Yes, they will. I beg every last one of you never to give up on a dream. No matter what that dream is. 

So now I strive for my personal best physically and mentally. Please know its never too late to be all you can be. So I reach out to all of you. I'll be positng each month an this dream....and the reveal.....

Suzzana C Ryan

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