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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Why I write and why it must be Erotic Romance

Suzzana C Ryan

Suzzana C Ryan
I am sitting at my dinning room table writing. It’s what I do to unwind, to relax. I love to read and you can find me doing that it I am not writing. Sounds boring don’t it? Not from my point of view, I am constantly entertained and swept off my feet. I write erotic romance short stories and novels and have turned on a quite a few people to this type of romance reading. I believe in intense love stories, so I tell it like it is my characters would not have it any other way. I also dabble in the paranormal and absolutely love the genre. I have always been obsessed with Vampires, the sexier the better.
I love strong heroines and alpha males. Yet I love my men to show real strong emotions and not be afraid to love a woman the way women craved to be loved. My heroine must be the kind of woman that knows what she wants and goes after it. I demand that she also know what a man wants and is not afraid to give it to him. Sex is an integral part of my stories, hard core and real. Some people say is it really necessary to use that kind of language when writing your loves scenes? All I can answer is yes and offer them a sample, a small taste of what I write. Most of the time, as much as some hate to admit it, it’s hot and its good reading because I like to tell a good story.
My stories are definitely for adult reading thought I have always longed to someday write a children’s book, I have three small granddaughters. I imagine that someday I probably will.
It has been my dream to write and Rebel Ink Press took a chance on me and “rocked my world”. When you have a dream you must never give up on it, for dreams really can come true.
Thank you Rebel Ink Press, for taking me into your fold and making me part of your family.

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